Renovation of sewerage, water and gas pipes with PEH pipes is one of the possible ways in renewing pipelines by using a “no-dig” method. The pipe being renovated with PEH pipe is watertight, able to withstand loads and corrosion-resistant. The low flow resistance of plastic pipes compensates for a smaller diameter, and the self-cleaning ability of pipes improves due to a higher flow speed.

Sliplining is an accepted way of renovation in many circumstances. In order to carry out sliplining, digging is only needed at both ends of the section to undergo renovation and at any potential branching points. Sections to undergo renovation may vary in length and run to up to 150 metres. The space between the new and old pipes is filled with foam concrete in order to prevent any possible damage should the old pipeline break completely.

Diameters: 50 to 1000 mm.