Flexoren is a fast and economical method for renovating sewerage pipelines. Via manholes, a flexible, welded pipe is pulled into the old pipe. Digging needs to be undertaken for service pipes with no manholes only. No traffic disruption. Brief street closures. A sewerage pipeline renovated using the Flexoren method is as good as new – watertight, able to withstand loads and corrosion-resistant. The low flow resistance of PEH pipes compensates for a smaller diameter, and the self-cleaning ability of pipes improves due to a higher flow speed.

Patented specially designed pipe

Flexoren pipe is a specially designed pipe developed for the renovation of gravity-flow sewerage pipelines. The strength of a pipe is achieved by means of fluted PEH lining, with flexibility provided by TPE plastic. Pipes are connected by welding.

Easy to lay

Flexoren pipe is laid without disrupting traffic or everyday life and activity. Traffic closures are required only around manholes undergoing repairs. A section of 40 to 50 metres is laid in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Novel type of pipeline

In terms of strength and flow properties, Flexoren pipe meets the requirements set for plastic pipes. The space between the new and old pipes is filled with foam concrete in order to prevent any possible damage should the old pipeline break completely.

Manhole renovation

Manhole renovation is carried out alongside the renovation of pipelines. When PEH manholes are replaced, old manholes are made watertight.

Flexoren diameters (exterior/interior)

FLEXOREN    90/80    117/102    140/123    175/152    200/173    235/205    270/238