Pipe burst

The pipe burst method is used for renovating water, sewerage and gas pipelines. In many respects the method is similar to the cracking method and is used if the old pipeline is severely deformed or if the interior measure of the old pipe proves to small for the new pipe designed. An expander pulled by static force shatters the old pipe and enlarges the path for the new pipe.

Pipe burst is used for renovations in more challenging soils. Less noise and vibration are generated.

Advantages of pipe burst compared to cracking:

  •  renovation is possible on pipelines made of hard-to-break material, such as plastic, steel or malleable cast iron;
  •  works entail less noise and vibration;
  •  individual sections undergoing renovation may be longer, up to 150 m;
  •  compact equipment allow working also in constrained circumstances.

Diameters: 100 to 450 mm.