The Inpipe “liner” is a system designed for renovating gravity-flow sewerage pipelines It combines the best features of other renovating options. Advantages of Inpipe:

  • no need for digging: works are carried out through manholes;
  • fast installation (up to 120 m daily);
  • low labour costs;
  • minimal disruption of traffic;
  • minimal reduction in pipe diameter.

The material of the Inpipe “liner” is so strong that it may be considered a replacement system rather than a repair technique. The Inpipe technology has been in use for over 20 years. Both trials and laboratory tests have demonstrated that it has a service life of at least 50 years.


The parent material of Inpipe is glass fibre woven into a seamless tube. This unique method provides the framework for a stable and durable new pipe. Next, the glass fibre tube is impregnated using a special polyester or vinylester resin produced in collaboration with DSM/BASF. The production of the Inpipe “liner” complies with all the requirements currently in force in terms of both quality and environmental safety. The Inpipe production process is quality-assured under ISO9001:1994. This means that the client is guaranteed a high-quality product.


The Inpipe “liner”, flexible and impregnated with resin, is inserted into the old pipe with the aid of compressed air. This procedure demands very little space, and the equipment needed is easy to transport to the site. Once the Inpipe “liner” has been pressed against the walls of the old pipe using air pressure, curing with ultraviolet light follows, which is maintained throughout the installation process, a “train” of ultraviolet curing lights is drawn through the pipe. The function is performed by a specially designed “train” equipped with UV lamps that moves through the entire length of the pipe being installed. This way, glass fibre forms a new strong pipe inside old one by means of resin and ultraviolet light.


Currently, Inpipe makes it possible to renovate pipelines with diameters ranging 150 to 600 mm and, in exceptional cases, up to 1000 mm.

Renovation of service pipes

Inpipe lip is a state-of-the-art option for renovating laterals running from buildings to mains. The entire set of equipment needed can be transported in a single vehicle, and installation can be carried out either through manholes or from inside a building.


Inpipe’s products have been tested by independent institutions. Inpipe has passed the most stringent tests in both theory and practice.


The entire set of equipment needed for installation can be transported in a single vehicle, thus being resource-efficient When the Inpipe “liner” is inserted, no digging need be undertaken. Inpipe is always made to order for a specific street, allowing for a defined interval between manholes. Strength class and thus price can be adjusted for every project. Based on Swedish experience, it may be claimed that, using Inpipe, costs can be cut by up to 50% compared to traditional installation methods.