About the company

AS Terrat is an Estonian capital  based environmental construction company that started its operation on 1 January 1992. The company was established based on the former land improvement department of Tallinn EPT. The long-term experience in building and renovation of water usage systems outside the city of Tallinn  (channels, reservoirs, hydraulic engineering constructions) and a staff with mostly higher technical special education were the basis of the new organisation. A strong push towards the further development of our company was given by two bigger objects – construction of the Tallinn Wastewater Treatment Station and the Niitvälja golf course.

AS Terrat has established and implemented an integral quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and has been acknowledged and approved by certification companies Det Norske Veritas and Bureau Veritas Certification.

A constantly maintained and improved management system ensures a high quality of the construction works by AS TERRAT as well as our competitiveness and reliability.

We have executed construction projects all over Estonia, as well as in Latvia, Finland and Russia.
AS Terrat employs 42 people.

Our activity fields are:

Designing and construction of water and sewerage pipes:

  • Water supply pipes with hydrants, water nodes and water meter wells
  • self-flowing domestic water pipes, septic tanks
  • pressure sewerage pipes, waste water and pressure increasing pumps, flow reduction wells
  • rainwater  sewerage pipes, fat and oil collectors, street inlets
  • drainage pipes
  • culverts

Digging-free renovation of water and sewerage pipes:

  • inpipe (renovation of pipes by using a liner)
  • flexoren (pulling a new pipe into the old pipe)
  • sliplining (pulling a new pipe into the old pipe)
  • cracking (forced lining)
  • pipe burst (installing a new pipe in the old pipe after demolishing and expansion of the old pipe)
  • maxiline (partial lining)
  • grundoram (ramming a metal sleeve in the soil)
  • grundodrill (installation of pipes by using the drilling method)

Construction of hydraulic engineering and environmental constructions (sewerage and bore well pumping stations, waste water treatment equipment, water reservoirs, and water treatment stations)

Construction of parks and fountains