Management System

AS Terrat quality, environmental and occupational health and safety policy is based on the commitment to build and renovate water and sewer pipelines, environmental engineering, environmental facilities and manage projects according to the client and the environmental and safety requirements. To ensure this :

  • we keep the company on a sustainable and flexible to changes in the construction market
  • we operate in accordance with legislation and other approvedrequirements
  • we use environment-friendly construction with raising quality of construction and technologies of renovation
  • we prevent pollution and reduce the adverse environmental impacts arising from its activities
  • we develop the organization and raise the competence of specialists
  • we provide quality construction services to ensure customer satisfaction
  • we create to employees, contractors and other interested parties a safe working environment, taking into account health and safety requirements
  • we shall prevent of disasters and emergencies and the company’s employees have the ability to act in the event of accidents and emergencies occur
  • the company’s employees, contractors and partners are informed about our health and safety policies

Margus Ränd

Chairman of the board