MaxiLine is a renovation method using short modules. Modules with length 50 cm are thrown into the old pipe using a specially designed hydraulic tool. Works can be carried out through manholes, the equipment thus requiring little room. Moulded sleeves on modules have a specially designed lock system that ensures that the watertightness and integrity of the pipeline.

Polypropylene, the material used, is chemically resistant and also withstands well the high temperatures. Various tests have proved that in normal circumstances a pipeline will withstand water temperatures of +60°C continuously, +80°C temporarily and even +100°C momentarily. A MaxiLine® pipe is strong and can withstand potential impact also when working in cold weather.

Terrat specialists have received MaxiLine® training at the Uponor Group in Finland and have experience in working with the technology.

Dimensions (exterior/interior) of pipes produced

MAXILINE    110/103    200/178    252/231    355/319    450/404