Cracking or pipe cracking is used if the old pipeline is severely deformed or if the interior measure of the old pipe proves to small for the new pipe designed. A hydraulic expander used a bursting head a shatters the old pipe and enlarges the path for the new pipe.

A specific characteristic of cracking is the fact that the diameter of the new pipe may be the same size or bigger than that of the old one.

Advantages of cracking:

  • pipes made of material that can be broken, such as clay, concrete or cast iron, may re replaced using the cracking method;
  • the throughput capacity of the new pipe equals or even exceeds that of the old pipe, if the diameter of the existing pipe is upsized;
  • cracking may be used for renovating water, sewerage and gas pipelines;
  • compact equipment allow working also in constrained circumstances.

Diameters: 100 to 450 mm.