Pipelines laid underground need to last at least a couple of generations.
    Over a couple of decades, AS Terrat has built hundreds of kilometres of pipelines. Water, sewerage, communications and gas – utilities without which we cannot imagine life in this day and age.

    Most water and sewerage pipelines have been in the ground for 30 and more years. What condition are they in? We can only guess. Blockage, leaking and burst pipes cause unpleasantness for people and damage to nature. Similar problems are encountered by us in Estonia, too. This means that many of the existing water and sewerage pipelines are already so old as to require being replaced.

    A person needs clean water and would like any water needed for living also to return clean to nature. During its years of operation, AS Terrat has constructed and reconstructed several ground water metering and hydraulic assemblies, for example: hydraulic assemblies in Vaskjala, Kaunissaare, Soodla-Raudoja, Aavoja and elsewhere.

    These days, parks are to city dwellers what oases are to desert residents.
    The daily hustle and bustle causes tensions and what better way to relieve them than to take time off, walk in a park and enjoy the dance of fountains.

    Value added tax – 20% – will be added to all charges.

    TV inspection of pipelines is the fastest and often the only way to get information about the condition of the existing pipelines. Possible leakage, ground damage, shifting, burst pipes and “blind” service pipes – all become visible on the monitor.